City District Main Street Memberships

We're creating success through community driven change.

About Us

A subsidiary of the Orlando Main Streets program implemented in 2008, City District Main Street is a nonprofit organization that serves as a connector for the Downtown Orlando District. 

We inspire community and visitor engagement while creating a unique sense of place and local business prosperity through collaborative partnerships with businesses, stakeholders, and residents.

Why City District Main Street?

City District is well-positioned to build and support a thriving downtown district.

We listen to the community we serve, tap into our learnings and relationships, and bring everyone together to build and support Downtown Orlando in innovative and creative ways.

City District Main Street is a network of local businesses, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders. Each member is backed by unique reinforcements that only Orlando Main Streets, like City District, can provide. When you become a member you get the perks of promotion, partnership, networking, and a direct resource to all things DTO while also supporting City District's work to revitalize our community. 

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

City District activates our streets; attracts, assists, and promotes local businesses; nurtures nightlife, dining, arts, and culture; and preserves our precious history. Our team creates a more inviting, and economically sustainable neighborhood, and promotes business and entertainment for a unique cultural destination in the heart of Downtown Orlando, for Central Florida residents and visitors alike.

Our Vision

Located in the heart of downtown Orlando, City District welcomes you into a sea of skylines with tucked-away historic treasures. We are the intersection of urban living, business, nightlife, dining, arts, and entertainment—where the rhythm of the workday blends into the beat of a vibrant nightlife. Visitors and residents alike spill out to our street cafes, immerse themselves in the arts and explore Orlando’s walkable green spaces on their way to neighboring shops.